First Nature 3055 32oz Hummingbird Feeder Review

Hummingbirds are to a garden what a pet is to a home; they help keep the place lively and warm. Of course, you can only enjoy their company by attracting and convincing them to stay. A surefire way to do this is to place several feeders in your yard. Better yet, you could opt for a large-capacity model such as the First Nature 3055 32-ounce feeder.


The First Nature 3055 32oz Hummingbird Feeder comes in a solid red color for enhanced visibility to hummers. And as you’ve probably guessed, the 32-ounce reservoir makes it one of the largest feeders available out there. Other features include:

-A 2-part base: This is made from the same polymer as the reservoir.

-10 feeding ports

-Bespoke sealing ring for leak prevention


For the most part, the First Nature 3055 is designed to make the feeding as convenient as possible on both sides. For users, the lack of tiny parts translates to less headaches during disassembly — the process is as easy as unscrewing the cylinder from the base. From there, you simply refill it as you would a normal cup, thanks to the wide mouth. On the opposite end, the abundance of ports means allows birds to make the most of the enormous reservoir.


-Wide-mouth reservoir: Combined with the patented 2-part base, this allows for effortless filling and cleaning.

-Capacity: This feeder will hold enough nectar to keep the birds fed throughout the day, thanks to its 32-ounce capacity.

-Ergonomic: The all-round perch provides a place for hummingbirds to rest their wings while feeding.

-Adaptable: This feeder allows you to choose between a 1-pack and 2-pack when purchasing.


-No ant trap or bee prevention mechanism

-Bulky: Admittedly, not all yards will have enough space for a 32 oz. feeder.

How Good is it, Really?

Pretty good, actually — this is a First Nature product after all. The company’s designs are famed for their ability to accommodate both the interests of hummers and humans. Still, the lack of an ant moat means it falls beneath its sibling model (the 3090 32oz.) in the pecking order.

Elsewhere, the absence of yellow flower feeding ports makes it less conspicuous to ants and wasps. Speaking of ports, some reviewers have found the First Nature Double Stack Feeder to be a more worthwhile pick. Unlike the 3055, this has 32 feeding ports spread across a couple of layers.

Of course, these features would only matter if they were on your radar in the first place. Not to forget that the 3055 makes up for their absence with its lower price. At the end of the day, what matters is the ability to bring in hummingbirds, right?

Overall, the First Nature 3055 32oz feeder makes quite a strong argument for itself. It’s designed to allow for all-round ease of use while still being sturdy enough to withstand the elements. Even if the capacity is a little too large for your liking, it’ll still come in handy during peak feeding season. Your humming friends will also love it, as long as you keep it filled with tasty nectar at all times.

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